The Science Behind RO Membrane Malaysia

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Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a pivotal technology in water purification and desalination. At its core lies the RO Membrane, a semi-permeable barrier designed to allow only water to pass through while rejecting most contaminants.

How does it work? Water is pressurized against the membrane. Pure water molecules pass through, while contaminants, salts, and other impurities are held back and flushed away. The
result is pure, clean water on the other side.

In Malaysia, RO membranes are gaining traction due to their efficacy in producing potable water, especially in areas where freshwater sources are limited or contaminated. RO membranes are distinguished by their pore size, rejection rate, and water flow rate. They can filter out impurities as small as 0.0001 microns, effectively removing contaminants such as salts, bacteria, and viruses.

For businesses or households in Malaysia looking to harness this advanced water purification technology, TK Water Solutions is a name to remember. Established in 2011, this company brings the best of RO Membrane Malaysia to your doorstep, ensuring clean and safe water for all your needs.


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